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ACT Election 2020: Greens big winners on election night | The Canberra Times

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The mood at the ACT Greens election night party at the Polish White Eagle Club in Turner was electric. The party had defied expectations, recording a swing of about 3 per cent. They looked to win three seats, there was also an outside chance The Greens could win more, a feat not pulled off since the 2008 ACT election. Seats in Kurrajong and Murrumbidgee were retained. ABC election analyst Antony Green said the Greens were likely to pick up a seat in Yerrabi. Surprisingly, the party’s strongest swing came from south, at about 6 per cent in Brindabella. There was also a chance they could pick up another seat in Kurrajong. ACT Greens leader Shane Rattenbury told party faithful: “2020 has been a year where there has not been a lot of good news, but tonight bucks that trend”. “Canberra has voted for a positive agenda for this city. For an agenda that is about being bold, about looking forward and about tackling the big issues that we know that are out there,” he said. He said he would be having discussions with Labor and the new candidates about whether they would take on ministry positions or move to the cross bench. Mr Rattenbury had previously indicated he thought the Greens could win six seats at the ACT election and he again echoed those views on Saturday night, telling the crowd he thought they would gain a seat in each electorate. “I am absolutely thrilled to have new members joining us in the Assembly,” he said. Perhaps the most surprising win of the night was Yerrabi, where Antony Green had called the seat for Andrew Braddock but he remained cautious. “I wish I had confidence in Antony Green but I am just going to wait until the end of the week,” he told a cheering room. Murrumbidgee candidate Emma Davidson credited her party’s win on their policy platform. She will replace retiring Greens MLA Caroline Le Couteur. READ MORE: “It’s the most ambitious policy platform I’ve seen the ACT Greens take to an election,” she said. Brindabella candidate Johnathan Davis was enthusiastic in his speech to the party faithful. “I’ve never been more proud to live in Tuggeranong,” he said. “They have endorsed strong progressive candidates.”

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