The ACTIV system. Photo / Supplied

Canterbury University researchers invent life-saving device

Professor Geoff Chase and UC Engineering PhD student Lui Holder-Pearson. Photo / Canterbury University

Canterbury University researchers have invented a device that would double the capacity of ventilators used for the treatment of Covid-19.

Titled the “Active Close-loop Timed-in-series Inspiratory Valve” or ACTIV system, it will mean two people can use a ventilator at the same time.

Professor Geoff Chase said they are feeling hopeful about the device.

“We believe this can, and will, save countless lives internationally by doubling ventilator capacity and sparing doctors from having to make terrible end-of-life care choices.

“It will help health systems to weather the Covid-19 pandemic storm when major outbreaks occur by increasing intensive care capacity.”

Chase said the device uses very clever technology.

“It’s a very simple, quickly implemented, low-cost, but high impact, solution. We developed them locally and have made them available with freely available software and designs to be 3D-printed in hospitals internationally.”

The device is currently being offered to hospitals around the world to use for free.

The ACTIV system. Photo / Supplied
The ACTIV system. Photo / Supplied

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