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Street art project captures the diverse ‘Faces of Braddon’ | The Canberra Times

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From life-long residents to puppies and the perfect latte, an iconic inner-city suburb has been captured in a “48-hour snapshot”. The street art project ‘Faces of Braddon’ brings together the diversity of the bustling inner-city streets by creating a collage of its people and places. Artist Kate Matthews from PhotoAccess said the project, funded by the City Renewal Authoritiy, was a snapshot of Braddon in 48 hours. On Saturday, a small group of Braddon locals created the mural backdrop bringing together the suburbs iconic elements, from street signs to coffee cups. The next day residents, workers and passers-by could make their mark on the wall by having their photo taken and pasted onto the collage. “It’s really great through this project to see people from all walks of life and different phases of Braddon and Braddon’s history all together on the one collage,” Ms Matthews said. “I think having faces visualised so literally through photography is a great way for people to feel welcome in a space. “If you’re walking down a street thinking ‘do I belong here’? And see faces of kids and families and people with disabilities on a wall, you might think ‘yeah, I am welcome here’.” From children to pets and international travellers everyone has a space on the Mort Street mural. Life-long Braddon resident Petranella even got a spot, when her son brought along a photo of the 96-year-old who had to recently leave the suburb she had lived in for decades. Mort Street resident Cameron Jones was part of the local group who constructed the collage which he hoped would reflect the vibrant area he loves. “I walk past this wall every day so being involved in something I would continue to see, but also for it to reflect the Braddon I know and love,” he said. “[Braddon] is a lot of things to a lot of different people. To me it is a place in Canberra that feels a little bit more lively, there’s something new happening all the time.” Ms Matthews hoped the collage would become a part of the Braddon streetscape, telling a story of its surroundings. “We’re hoping it will sit here and settle in and age,” she said. “One of the benefits with street art is it’s not a finished product, it’s an open dialogue. There is nothing stopping anyone coming along and adding something in a few weeks time, or a few months time.” You can find the Faces of Braddon at 26 Mort St, opposite Gather Cafe.


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