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Wet conditions in Canberra set to last all of next week | The Canberra Times

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Grey skies and wet weather may have hovered over Canberra all weekend, but don’t pack away the umbrella just yet, because there’s more where that came from. Rain will stick around until at least next week with showers forecast each day until at least next Saturday. While most of the rainfall expected will be mild compared to what was seen during the weekend, a potential thunderstorm is expected on Wednesday. After storms were seen on Friday and into Saturday, Sunday was a much calmer affair in the capital, although rain was still persistent in parts of the ACT throughout the early morning. Wind speeds were detected at up to 33km/h, while the temperature dropped to as low as six degrees. Bureau of Meteorology forecaster Shuang Wang said the wet and windy conditions will continue well into next week. “There will be cloudy conditions with a few showers continuing on Monday, and Tuesday that will increase with cooler conditions and a few possible showers in the morning,” Ms Wang said. “Wednesday again will have a good chance of more showers developing.” Wednesday’s weather conditions will see a new cold front forming in southern and south-eastern parts of NSW. “On Wednesday, there is a good chance of a thunderstorm developing again,” Ms Wang said. “Monday and Tuesday’s conditions will be due to a coastal trough, but Wednesday there will be more chance of a thunderstorm due to another cold front from the south-east.” A similar cold front which developed in the south of NSW led to the thunderstorm that was seen in Canberra on Friday evening. That storm system led to ACT health officials warning of a potential thunderstorm asthma event. Up to 16 millimetres fell at Canberra Airport following Friday night’s storm. There is a 70 per cent chance of showers on Monday, more likely to fall in the morning and early afternoon, with up to eight millimetres forecast. It will be a cold start on Monday, dropping to just six degrees, while winds of up to 40km/h are expected. Similar conditions are expected on Tuesday with a high of 16 degrees. Wednesday will see temperatures rise again with a maximum of 20.

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