Hajj minister says Saudi Arabia’s tech triumph ensured successful season

RIYADH: A two-day international scientific program on education and learning evaluation has concluded in Riyadh.

The virtual conference, aimed at improving learning outcomes and supporting economic growth, included discussion sessions and 21 workshops.

Organized by the Saudi Education and Training Evaluation Commission (ETEC) in partnership with the G20 Saudi Secretariat, the online event was attended by delegates from around the world representing governments, UN organizations, and leading universities.

The final session of the conference that was moderated by head of the ETEC, Dr. Hossam Zaman, tackled the subject of renewing and developing education to support economic growth.

Attendees stressed that quality, not quantity, of education was the most important factor in arming learners with the necessary knowledge and skills to enter the labor market and take up jobs that provided them with a good income and economic well-being.

On the implementation of evaluation processes and ensuring the quality of schools, a conference statement urged the provision of data and information to school faculty members and education decision-makers, supporting efforts to improve teaching and learning.

In assessing the outcomes of higher education, the statement noted the requirement to include a wide range of activities focused on outcomes in education, learning, scientific research, and administrative performance, in addition to the task of dealing with the broad impact of higher education and scientific research on community culture, public health, and lifelong learning.

The statement also underlined the importance of continuity in the performance of evaluation processes during the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic, and it praised the success of the ETEC in implementing the distance learning test for more than 300,000 students using remote testing platforms and artificial intelligence techniques for monitoring.



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