Azerbaijan, Armenia accuse each other of shelling cities with scores of civilians killed & injured (PHOTOS, VIDEO) — RT Russia & Former Soviet Union

Officials in Baku claim an Armenian rocket strike left 12 people dead and dozens more wounded amid ongoing clashes over disputed Nagorno-Karabakh, as the region’s ombudsman says Azerbaijani shelling has injured two in its capital.

The death toll claimed in the Armenian strike rose to 12, also leaving 40 wounded, according to the Azerbaijani prosecutor general’s office.

Hikmet Hajiyev, assistant to Azeri President Ilham Aliyev, shared footage on social media purporting to show the scene of the attack, saying that rescue efforts were still underway while insisting “Armenia’s policy of state terror must be stopped.” 

He added that “innocent civilians” were lost in the strike, which allegedly destroyed 20 houses.

An Armenian Defense Ministry spokeswoman has denied the allegations, however, insisting that “no fire was opened from the territory of the Republic of Armenia… in the direction of Azerbaijan.” 

Officials in Nagorno-Karabakh – a disputed region formally part of Azerbaijan but long governed under an ethnic Armenian breakaway republic – also reported Azerbaijani shelling on Friday night, stating that two were wounded in the region’s capital of Stepanakert. Few other details were provided.

Earlier in the evening, the Armenian Defense Ministry said Azerbaijani drones were detected over the country’s airspace, noting that it would take “appropriate measures,” while a Foreign Ministry statement later alleged the UAVs hit targets near three different towns, destroying civilian structures but inflicting no casualties.

Renewed fighting over Nagorno-Karabakh flared up on September 27, with both sides claiming to be acting in self-defense as hostilities escalated into full-scale war. Though a Russian-brokered ceasefire was agreed earlier this month in an effort to calm tensions, fighting has nonetheless raged on, as the two countries continue to trade accusations and denials about strikes on each other’s territory and demands to surrender.

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