‘We have proof of Turkish special forces fighting in Karabakh’: Armenian

BEIRUT, LEBANON (1:55 P.M.) – The Public Prosecutor’s Office in Armenia said on Sunday that it “possesses factual evidence, proving the participation of elements of the Turkish army special forces in the hostilities in Karabakh.”

The press office of the Armenian Public Prosecution said: “In the framework of the criminal case that was investigated regarding the launch of an aggressive war on the part of Azerbaijan against Armenia and Artsakh, the Public Prosecution in Armenia has received compelling evidence that since August of this year, many members of the Special Forces of the Turkish Armed Forces trained the Azerbaijani army.”

The Armenian Public Prosecutor’s Office stressed that “elements of the Turkish special forces participated directly in the hostilities.”

Prior to this statement, the Russian project, WarGonzo, reported that up to 1,200 Turkish special forces personnel were present along the border of Karabakh and Azerbaijan.

While there has been no footage of the Turkish special forces directly participating in the clashes, the Armenian Ministry of Defense has accused Ankara of using its air force to shoot down one Yerevan’s Su-25 jets.

Ankara has denied the allegations from Yerevan; however, an investigative article by the New York Times found that a Turkish F-16 was present in the area during the downing of the Armenian Su-25.

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