Ancient pitchers found in Rajshahi graveyard

Labourers today found two ancient pitchers while working at Radhar Vita graveyard in Rajshahi city’s Kathalbaria area. 

One of the pitchers was larger than the other.

After the pitchers were dug out, several hundred curious people gathered at the graveyard to see them, wondering whether treasures were hidden inside the pitchers.

The site where the pitchers were found had previously belonged to solvent Hindu farmers before it was turned into a graveyard, said SM Masud Parvez, officer-in-charge of Kasiadanga Police Station.

The local union parishad had recently employed labourers to dig and level the earth of the graveyard in order to renovate it, said Abul Kalam Azad, chairman of Haragram union parishad under Paba upazila.

When the labourers found the pitchers, they were thrilled about finding “hidden treasures”, Azad said.

But they were ultimately disappointed as they found only mud inside, while further damaging the already broken pitchers, he also said.

The broken pieces of the pitchers have been taken to the police station to find out whether those have any archaeological value, OC Masud Parvez said.

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