Nepal Sambat 1141: New Year begins today

KATHMANDU: The Newars ring in their new year today as Nepal Sambat, an indigenous calendar of Nepal, enters the year 1141.

Usually, people of various communities, especially the Newars, participate in a mass rally, Bhintuna Rally, to celebrate the New Year. However, this year, the celebration programmes will not be held keeping on the mind the possible spread of the coronavirus.

Moreover, the administration offices have banned public gatherings and have urged locals to stay safe.

The Nepal Sambat began after Shankhadhar Sakhwa relieved the people of Nepal off debt during the rule of Lichchhavi King Raghavdev.

Shankhadhar Sakhwa freed the people of Nepal of their debts and started a new era called the Nepal Sambat in commemoration of the moment.

The Nepal Sambat calendar had been in official use until it was replaced by the Bikram Sambat calendar during the regime of Prithvi Narayan Shah.

Later, the Government of Nepal recognised it as the national calendar.


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