PM’s candid photos go straight to people’s hearts

Two candid photos of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina have gone viral on Facebook.

The pictures, presumably quite recent, show how the premier has been keeping busy at home amid the pandemic.

One of the photos shows the PM fishing in the pond behind Gono Bhaban, while the other captures her busy on a sewing machine.

Both were posted from the official Facebook page of Bangladesh Awami League. 

“Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is a Bengali woman. Despite her busy schedule-life, she finds time to sew clothes or sometimes goes fishing in the pond behind Gono Bhaban. Our respect and love for the lady who works whole day for the country after losing everything,” the post read.

Many ruling party leaders shared the post and it soon went viral.

Photos showing the PM cooking biryani for her son or taking a rickshaw ride in Tungipara have previously enjoyed wide appeal among the public. 

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