Written complaint filed against UP chairman for ‘verbally abusing admin officials’

A written complaint was lodged in Lalmonirhat against Aditmari Upazila Parishad chairman for “verbally abusing upazila administration officials and abusing power”.

Eighteen officials and staffers including the upazila nirbahi officer of Aditmari filed the written complaint with the deputy commissioner’s office in Lalmonirhat.

According to the complaint, Upazila Parishad Chairman Farooq Imrul Kayes has been putting pressure for work — in violation of rules and regulations — since he took charge.

Farooq demanded his share from the list of vulnerable group development (VGD) and maternity allowances at the monthly coordination meeting of the upazila on November 12, the complaint states.

But UNO Muhammad Mansur Uddin rejected it as it is against the rules. The chairman left the meeting following the rejection.

Later, the chairman along with his men went to remove the CCTV camera of the UNO office, the complaint states, adding that as the UNO took a picture of the act and asked the chairman why the camera was removed, Farooq and his men verbally abused and threatened the official.

The chairman allegedly threatened to beat the officer and again demanded his share from the list of beneficiaries of various activities of the Upazila Parishad, VGD, maternity allowance, agricultural incentives and social safety net.

Aditmari Upazila Engineer Sohel Rana said it has become difficult to continue service there due to upazila chairman’s misconduct, immoral activities and threats.

Rashida Begum, upazila women’s affairs officer said if higher authorities do not take necessary steps, it will be difficult to serve under the oppression of Farooq.

UNO Muhammad Mansur Uddin said, “We believe that higher authority will investigate and take necessary action in regards to the complaint.”

However, the Upazila Parishad Chairman Farooq Imrul Kayes denied the allegations, saying that the officers were angry as he wanted to know the progress of all the departments in the last financial year for public interest. All 18 officers, including UNO, had brought false allegations against him, he claimed, adding that a proper investigation into the allegations would expose irregularities and corruption by the officials.

Lalmonirhat Deputy Commissioner Md Abu Jafor said, he has received the complaint. The deputy secretary, also deputy director of local government of the Ministry of Local Government, has been directed to investigate the matter, he said, adding that any action would be taken after investigation.

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