Coronavirus live news: 20 cases linked to Trump rally; hope in Victoria after just one new case recorded | World news

At around 5.30 yesterday evening, 17 people from New Zealand, having travelled on an international flight from New Zealand to Sydney, were then allowed to board a plane and travel to Melbourne. They didn’t spend very long at the airport. They left the airport within only minutes, really, of having arrived.

Our officers have absolutely no power to stop someone, to detain someone in those circumstances, particularly given they were coming from a very low virus part of the world.

We are still waiting – I am not sure why we’re waiting, but we are still waiting for Australian Border Force to provide us with the passenger cards for each of those 17 people.

As soon as we get that detail, we will be visiting each of those people and making sure that they are fully up to date, as it were, when it comes to the rules, the regulations, the structures that we have in Victoria.

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