NZ travellers free to enter state

NZ travellers free to enter state

The Victorian government website said on Monday morning that the “trans-Tasmin (sic) travel bubble” allowed travellers from New Zealand to arrive in New South Wales and the Northern Territory without having to quarantine for 14 days on arrival.

“Currently the Victorian borders are open,” the website said.


“If you are travelling from New Zealand and have passed all relevant immigration and biosecurity requirements as established by the Federal Government, New South Wales Government and Northern Territory Government, then you are able to travel to Victoria.

“You do not need to quarantine for 14 days on arrival in Victoria.”

The Victorian government website tells potential travellers they should not enter the state if they have coronavirus symptoms and says they may be subject to detention under public health laws, but it does not advise them against entering the state.

Mr Andrews blasted the federal government over the weekend after up to 55 travellers from New Zealand entered Victoria via Sydney. State government sources said they asked the Australian Border Force for passengers names on Friday night and didn’t get them until Saturday lunch time.


The Premier mocked the “gold standard” advice the state was receiving from federal officials who initially said there were 17 arrivals before revising the figure to 55.

Angrily rejecting claims from Mr Tudge that state officials were told the arrivals would come, Mr Andrews urged the Morrison government to help identify the travellers who intended to enter Victoria.

“Work with us and let’s make sure Victoria is not part of a bubble that we never agreed to be in,” Mr Andrews said on Sunday.

“Now, if that isn’t possible, if that isn’t possible, let’s talk about what else can happen. I don’t want to shut our border.”

Mr Tudge said the state website made it clear that the travel to Victoria was allowed.

“Their own website expressly says this, and this is why I’m perplexed as to why Daniel Andrews launched such an aggressive attack on us over the weekend,” Mr Tudge told radio station 2GB.

“We don’t want to argue with him over these matters because they were discussed at officials’ levels, they were agreed by the Victorian government according to their own internal emails.

“He’s raised this issue and said very publicly that we’re apparently at fault, when it seems very clear they knew about it, consented to it and their website shows people can do exactly what they did.”

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