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Boris Johnson is expected to announce his plan for winter on Monday, including a strengthened three-tier system of local restrictions for England.

Ministers will then set out what tier each area will be placed into on Thursday.

MPs are expected to be given the vote to approve the new system in the days before it comes into force when the national lockdown ends on 2 December.

What is the new system going to look like?

The country will move back into a three-tier system of regional restrictions, which was in force from 14 October until 5 November.

While many local measures will be similar to those in place previously, the tiers will be strengthened in some areas to safeguard gains made during the national lockdown.

Measures under Tiers 1, 2 and 3 of England's lockdown system
Measures under Tiers 1, 2 and 3 of England’s lockdown system

What is the original three tier system?

Tier 1 (medium): Rule of six if meeting indoors or outdoors; pubs and restaurants shut at 10pm

Tier 2 (high): No household mixing indoors; rule of six applies outdoors; pubs and restaurants shut at 10pm

Tier 3 (very high): No household mixing indoors or in some outdoor spaces; pubs and bars not serving meals are closed

What is expected over Christmas?

Several households – potentially three – could be allowed to create a bubble temporarily between 22 and 28 December.

The plans could cover all four nations of the UK, according to reports.

Restrictions on church services could also be lifted allowing Christmas Day services to be held.

But while plans have not yet been set out, ministers have made clear that the festive season will be different to normal.

How long will the new system last for?

The government is optimistic restrictions can be gradually reduced in the run-up to spring, providing vaccines are approved by regulators, allowing a plan for the rollout to begin next month before a wider programme in the new year.

But with no vaccines having been approved it is still not clear exactly when the rollout will be able to begin.

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